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How to Get the Most from Your Online Therapy Sessions

The Rise of Online Counselling and Therapy

Demand for online counselling and therapy surged with the onset of the pandemic. Social distancing initially pushed all therapy online, and despite counselling being classified as an essential service, the convenience of online therapy has cemented its place.

Mental Health in the Time of Covid-19

The pandemic has heightened anxiety, stress, and spurred mental health challenges. Social limitations have led to widespread loneliness, isolation, and depression. The shift to working from home, while convenient, has muddled work-life boundaries, intensifying relationship strains within homes.

Online Therapy as a Lifeline

In these challenging times, online therapy offers essential mental health support. It's a lifeline for many—whether as a primary therapy form or an adjunct to face-to-face sessions—for its safety and accessibility.

Adapting to Digital Well-being

The digital migration of services, including therapy, is a sign of the times. Online therapy may initially seem distant but it maintains the crucial therapist-client relationship. The digital platform often becomes inconsequential as the therapeutic relationship takes precedence.

Tips for Optimising Online Therapy Sessions

  • Privacy is Key: Ensure a private space at home. If needed, request others to step out during your session.
  • Comfort Matters: Choose a comfortable seating area for the duration of your session.
  • Stable Setup: Position your device on a stable surface for good visibility and interaction.
  • Minimize Distractions: Close unnecessary programs and silence notifications.
  • Tech Check: Ensure your technology works and your internet connection is stable.
  • Audio Clarity: Consider using earphones to enhance audio privacy and quality.
  • Backup Plan: Have an alternative method to continue the session in case of technical difficulties.
  • Prioritize Your Session: Treat this time as a vital opportunity to address your concerns.

Online therapy is a potent form of psychological support. Embrace it to maintain and improve your mental health.